Multi-site platform

Accelerate the deployment of your digital ecosystem

Why have a multi-site platform?

  • Corporate communication: to harmonise your digital presence via the deployment of a coherent ecosystem of websites that conforms to your brand guidelines
  • High volume of event and thematic sites: to share development / maintenance costs and to reduce deployment time per site
  • E-business sites: for a particular set of offers or content via brand sites aimed at differentiated targets.
Design a multi-site platform adapted to your organization

“Customization for each site" versus "homogeneity among sites": how to position your project? The correct approach is found among the various levels of the platform.


Automate the production of your sites

You wish to reduce the production costs and time-to-market of your new sites. We can help you:

  • Define the basic templates of the sites (functional, editorials, ergonomics, etc.) and the technical architecture of the solution
  • Define processes / tools for the deployment of a new site, taking into account each user’s level of autonomy.
Key elements of success: mentoring webmasters

The platform adoption by webmasters involves:

  • Settting up a pilot group within your webmasters community which is involved from the design stage onwards, to become a point of contact for this community

  • Facilitating webmasters’ use of related tools (training, support, tutorials, knowledge base & forum)

  • Webmaster collaboration over the product roadmap.

Enjoy an open, evolving and perennial technological base

The choice of the CMS needs to be evaluated in terms of multisite capacity, as well as ease of use and learning curve.

  • Ability to pool content and designs whether partially or totally
  • Refining rights and location management in a multi-lingual environment
  • Possibility to produce a new site in autonomy via the back-office.
We are with you at every stage of your multi-site project

Our added value:

  • Technical consulting
  • Design and implementation
  • Continuous integration platform
  • Live field deployments
  • Training and assistance to webmasters.

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