A key vector of your digital transformation

Improve intra-organisation communication with an intranet:

  • Generate savings from sharing of information and knowledge
  • Allow easy access to the company’s digital services
  • Create a feedback area to support every stage of the organisation’s transformations


Toward a "digital workplace"

Our intranet vision is a robust, open, social product which actively promotes employee engagement:

  • Traditional functions (news, corporate information, directory)
  • Advanced functions (collaborative tools, HR system, Document Management System, messaging / email)
  • Workspace functions (internal / external social network…)
Using agile, we reduce the time-to-market of your project

An intranet project is a dynamic environment that involves multiple stakeholders (Board members, Department heads, HR, IT), short deadlines and fluctuating requirements. Agile methodology is the answer to this challenge:

  • Increase the impact of your intranet by involving each department from the very beginning
  • Short iterations allow an ongoing adjustment of the requirements based on user feedback, risks and constraints
  • Agile framing makes management of the project more reliable (team building, risk analysis, functional mapping, backlog management ...)
Drive change

Empower ambassadors at all levels of your organisation. Make them highly visible via your internal social network.


Monitor social dynamics:

  • Your KPIs: number of contributions, comments, likes, etc.
  • Your levers: content strategy, gamification, facilitating employees' contribution.
Choose the best Open Source CMS for your project

The user must be at the center of solution benchmarking:

  • Ease of take-up by users
  • Search, content customisation and user experience performance
  • ATAWAD ability (any time, any where, any device)
  • Ability to integrate with your information system to provide a unified user experience. 

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