Guarantee an enjoyable user experience at all time

Minimized response times are critical to successful user experiences: every millisecond of extra waiting time may cost a lot in both revenue and customer satisfaction.


Harnessing the connected customer, Kaliop knows how to leverage technology for a maximum business impact. 

A strong impact on your digital business

Response time performance must be considered through an ATAWAD approach (any time, any where, any device), whilst taking into account the functional behaviour of your site:

  • Performance in authenticated mode (client extranet, ordering processes…)
  • Impact of back-office activity on performances (refresh of the caches, data import /export, .etc.).
Real-time monitoring with Newrelic

Newrelic is a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing performance and availability. Its added value includes:

  • Setting KPIs and getting metrics in real time and in real operating conditions
  • Getting alerts and anticipating performance declines (for example during peak load times),
  • intervening – Newrelic monitors every layer of task execution and reduces diagnosis time by a factor of 10 to 100!
Optimizing from back-end to front-end

An audit will help to identify quick-wins for every layer:

  • Back-end execution: caches optimisation (Varnish + ESI), infrastructure sizing
  • Network latency: multi-zone hosting strategy, CDN, media assets optimisation
  • Front-end execution: Dom + Page Rendering.
Setting up a DevOps approach

A DevOps approach enables: 

  • The commitment of all (development, operations, management, BI)
  • The implementation of a continuous improvement plan.
Kaliop: 360º assistance on performance optimisation

We consult and operate in mission-critical context: business sites, high traffic (> 1M visitors per month), high volume of users or data, global platforms, continuous integration…

  • Definition and fine-tuning of web architectures (AWS, Varnish, ESI, CDN,…).
  • Definition of KPIs, tools, metrics & alerts (NewRelic).
  • Implementation of a DevOps organization and continuous improvement.
  • Technical optimizations back-end and front-end.

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