A solid base to sustain your digital projects

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Symfony is a French project which has become the PHP framework of reference on a global scale. Most notably, it is used for the platforms Dailymotion, Yahoo, Univadis, etc.

Symfony provides a set of pre-existing components toshift the focus exclusively on project-specific component types. With equal effort, your application’s code is thus of a higher quality and more durable.

Synergy with several PHP applications

Many PHP applications have been written or rewritten using the Symfony framework, and especially Drupal 8 and eZ Publish 5.


This convergence is beneficial for all stakeholding communities. Sourcing a specific competence is also facilitated, since proficiency in Symfony is a common denominator for all these solutions.

Benefiting from a highly dynamic community

More than 2,000 active contributors work together on the product, which is used by more than 300,000 developers in more than 120 countries. Moreover, there are also over 2,000 bundles (the functional extensions of Symfony).


Beyond its notable advantages for international projects, the community has also produced components now standard in the PHP universe, such as Composer and Twig.

Technical choices geared towards project durability

Object oriented, it responds to high demands around maintenance and upgradability.

  • MVC architecture (model - view - controller)
  • Object-relational mapping (ORM)
  • Support for the introduction of new dependent structures
  • Extendibility thanks to bundle


Which projects for Symfony ?

Symfony is aimed at projects where customization and durability are key concerns 

  • A technological foundation that structures digital transformation projects
  • CMS projects with significant demands for specific skills
  • Customised PHP application
Kaliop & Symfony
  • Partnership with Sensio Labs, Symfony’s editing company
  • Kaliop use Symfony 2.0 in 75% of its developments
  • Production capacity of 1000+ j.h in Symfony 2.0
  • French framework launched in 2007 by the web agency Sensio Labs
  • Distributed via a MIT license
  • 2,000+ active contributors
  • 300,000+ Symfony developers
  • Thousands of bundles available
  • Used in over 120 countries