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Built using the Professional Open Source model, Magento benefits from the best of both worlds: a very dynamic Open Source community that gives it a strong functional richness and the availability of significant resources across the world.

An Enterprise version used by the world’s largest merchants gives it the stability & sustainability that is expected with a technology investment in an e-commerce project.


The leading Open Source solution for e-commerce projects

In 8 years, Magento has established itself as the leading Open Source solution in its market:

  • 200,000 merchant sites across the globe, generating an annual turnover of over $50 billion
  • 300 partners and 60,000+ developers
  • The Enterprise version maintained and supported by the editor for high turnover sites
  • Recognized as the no1 solution by Internet Retailer Top 1000, Internet Retailer B2B eCommerce 300 guide and Internet Retailer Hot 100



Performance with Magento: the basis of a successful user experience

Every extra second won in terms of the speed that web pages load can convert to an additional 10% of turnover (source: Amazon). A fast site is therefore a site that sells not only more, but also sells better. Quanta, one of our technology partners, is a French solution that has become leader in Performance solutions with Magento. Quanta provides an effective response to this need through:

  • Identification of areas where an e-commerce site slows down
  • Real-time measurement of a site’s capacity to handle incoming traffic and its evolution over time to anticipate peaks in traffic
  • Key functions’ availability monitoring (including sales funnel).


    What Magento 2 brings to your online business
    • User experience: faster response time, in particular via a native integration of Varnish and a kernel restructuring
    • Administration: redesign of the back-office, including management of the product data sheets
    • Upgradability: addition of a device for continuous integration (tests automation)
    • Integration with your information system: strengthening of the API and a new service-oriented architecture (SOA).


    Deploy a multichannel e-commerce strategy via a Product Information Manager (PIM)

    Putting in place a multi-channel strategy (physical shops, paper catalog, e-commerce site) involves the implementation of a PIM in order to ensure the coherence and synchronization of data between different channels and your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Akeneo is one of the PIM solutions of reference:

    • Shops with an annual turnover of €1m-100m
    • Multi-store projects (multi-pay, multi-lingual, multi-currency, … )
    • Important integration issues of IS (PIM, ERP, CRM, ...)
    • Cross-channel strategy.
    Soon: Kaliop’s e-commerce agency Magento certified

    Soon is the e-commerce agency of the Kaliop group. For 12 years, it has been at the heart of national and international brands’ e-commerce projects (Paule Ka, Undiz, bocage, Isotoner, Cléor, TBS, Okaidi, Veolia…)

    • E-merchandising strategy
    • Design and Customer Experience
    • Deployment of Magento and performance optimization
    • Information Systems integration, PIM deployment (Akeneo)


    Click here for the Soon website


    Which projects for Magento?

    Magento can tackle large scale e-commerce projects, for e-tailers who already have one or several e-commerce experiences and a real e-commerce strategy :


    • Shops with an annual turnover of £1M-£100M
    • Multi-store projects (multi-pay, multi-lingual, multi-currency…)
    • Heavy integration requirements (PIM, ERP, CRM...)
    • Multi-channel strategy
    Kaliop & Magento
    • Expertise by Soon by Kaliop
    • Silver Magento partner
    • Many contributions to the product and the community
    • Created in 2008
    • Released under an OSL ou Entreprise license
    • 200,000 shops across the world
    • 300 partners
    • 60,000+ developers in the world