Ez publish

An upscale CMS for your complex projects

Advanced + partner

eZ Publish Platform is an extremely powerful and complete Open Source content management system. It natively integrates all the most advanced concepts of modern content management.

With over 10 years’ experience and one of the largest development teams globally, Kaliop is a leading eZ Publish expert and benefits from an Advanced + Partner status.

Open-Source software suited to mission-critical projects

A key part of eZ Publish’s strength lies in its "Professional Open Source" business model:

  • Professional vendor: thanks to its internal development team, eZ Systems has been a constant source of innovation in the very competitive PHP CMS market since its beginning in 1997.
  • Dual licensing model: in addition to the freely available “Community” edition, eZ Systems operates an "Enterprise" edition with guaranteed stability, enterprise-level security and a professional support specially adapted to high stakes projects.
  • Highly skilled community: eZ Publish’s ecosystem is mainly composed of professional developers, solution partners and customers.
Natively multi-site, multi-lingual and multi-channel

Without any customisation, eZ Publish’s architecture allows you to:

  • Deploy a multi-site platform tailored to your organization
  • Deliver your content across multiple channels (Web / Mobile / Applications / SmartTV / Digital to print)
  • Support an ambitious multi-lingual strategy (more than 100 languages, symmetrical/asymmetrical translations).
Manage the Customer Experience

eZ Publish allows you to customize your content, monitor and optimize, and engage your visitors across their digital journey:

  • Recommendation engine: offer personalized content matching your users preferences & behaviour and meet their expectations in real time
  • Live statistics: follow in real time the performance of your content, adapt to improve the editorial performance of your platform
  • Marketing Automation: capture and assess your prospects, optimise your communication with targeted and automated e-mailing campaigns
A robust technical foundation

The technical base of eZ Publish has been designed in order to respond to the strong demands for continuity, integration with IS and high traffic:

  • Full stack Symfony 2 development
  • Rest Full API facilitating the integration to your information system
  • Strong high traffic capabilities
  • Powerful search engine (SolR).
eZ Publish: a niche positioning

eZ Publish is well suited for technically demanding projects, responding to tailored needs and offering a high level of technical quality rather than a large number of readymade functional modules. The eZ Publish ecosystem thus includes:

  • A smaller, but highly expert community for technical issues,
  • Fewer ready-made modules, but a very complete and stable kernel,
  • Less documentation, but the support from an efficient editor.

eZ Publish

Which projects for eZ Publish?

Our experience stretches over 10 years’ of integration work and several hundred of projects. We advocate eZ publish for the following projects:

Multi-channel / multi-site platforms

Strong integration within the Information System

High volume of content

Kaliop & eZ Publish
  • Collaboration since 2005
  • Advanced-plus partner and nº1 European eZ Publish integrator
  • 70+ eZ publish developers and consultants, most certified
  • White papers available on request: eZFind, caches, multi-site architecture…
  • 6 Awards 
  • System created in 1999 by eZ System
  • Participant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant since 2011
  • Last stable version of the 'eZ platform' solution based on the Symfony framework
  • 45,000 members’ community
  • 250,000+ installations, including 500 business customers
  • 5 million+ downloads and users in 160 countries