An accelerator for your web projects

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Deployed across more than 1 million Web sites, Drupal is today one of the most widely used Open Source CMS in the world.

With over 6 years’ of experience in Drupal development, Kaliop has acquired advanced technical expertise in this technology.

A large and dynamic Open Source community

The strength of Drupal lies in its community: tens of thousands of contributors, over 30,000 modules, thousands of themes (the majority being responsive), … all make for a very rich ecosystem. So rich in fact that the choice of modules requires a real expertise to ensure your project’s sustainability and security.


Kaliop has been evaluating, auditing and following Drupal’s main modules for 7 years, which further supports and guarantees of the security of your projects.

An accelerator for your web projects

Drupal can thus be a true project accelerator, for both front-end and back-end work. The flipside is that your project will use existing infrastructures rather than go for customization. For specific needs, Drupal can of course be extended, but at an additional customization cost.


Our expertise will bring you the necessary keys to decision-making according to functional need (choice module vs customized development).

The Drupal 8 Revolution

First and foremost, Drupal 8 is a technical revolution, because it has been completely "rewritten" to get the most out of a new Symfony framework.

This choice means Drupal can address projects with bigger technical challenges with the added benefit of contributions from the Symfony community, very active in itself. Drupal’s key modules (such as Views) have been reintegrated at its heart, which makes for a larger stable and secured technical foundation.


Kaliop is on-hand for every step of your migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 with a thorough multi-criteria impact study: content / back-office / front-office / custom dev / accommodation.


Call on our experts.

Drupal 8

Which projects for Drupal ?

Drupal addresses different types of projects: corporate sites, intranet, business sites…

However, it comes into its own with projects that have one or several of the following characteristics:

Projects with short time-to-market deadlines

A structure that allows for the exploitation of pre-existing modules / themes

Projects with very rich functional scope

Kaliop & Drupal
  • 30% of our developments in 2016 are made using Drupal
  • 6 years' expertise
  • Partnership with Acquia
  • Participations in events and the life of the community.
  • 1 million+ websites
  • 28,000+ modules / 2,000+ themes
  • 36,000+ certified Drupal developers
  • 1.2 million+ users