Simplify and speed up the management of your product information

Since 2015, Kaliop has been working with customers through implementations of Akeneo to improve their productivity and profitability when selling products in an omnichannel environment.

Is your product catalogue easy to manage?

As your business grows, the management of your product catalogue can become increasingly complex.


Without efficient product information management processes, you may often experience the following issues:

  • Inconsistency of information
  • Duplication of the entry of data across sales channels
  • Organisational problems validating when products are finished and ready "take to market"
  • Time and money wasted trying to fix these issues
Simplify the management of product information

Product Information Management software helps business operating in an omnichannel environment to rapidly update all sales channels from one central tool.


Kaliop will work with you to:

  • Centralise all your product information onto a single user-friendly platform
  • Allow you, through an easy-to-use interface, to manage, enrich and translate your product information throughout your various communication channels
  • Create a standard for the management of your information organisation-wide with collaboration and validation workflows
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From business consulting to implementation, integration and support, Kaliop collaborate with its customers to improve the productivity, time to market and profitability of their business.


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